My book, Torch Light, has been accepted for publication from All that Matters Press. Next step in my journey is to promote this book successfully. And promote means to sell lots of copies.

Torch Light was born from my experiences in the Buffalo Fire Department. The overwhelming majority of firefighters I knew were honest men and women who managed their careers and their families well. But a few firefighters screwed things up horribly in real life. They drank, they did drugs. They resorted to theft to support their habits and bad choices. They cheated on their spouses. Funny thing, when the bell rang, some of these men were tremendous firefighters.

Sam Carver is my down and out firefighter who got hooked on drugs after an on the job accident left him in chronic pain. In a burning building, Sam is Superman, determined, strong, and fearless. An alien from a flame world who fled to Earth sees his heroics at a house fire where a child is a victim. Sam is broken hearted. The alien is his catalyst for redemption. To illicit his aid she transforms herself into his favorite supermodel, Farrah Faucett. As always, Sam acts the hero.

I love the theme of redemption. I meant this book as a tribute to those I knew who never found redemption in their careers or even their lifetimes. For however crusty, undependable, or unlikeable they might have appeared, when they were most needed they did God’s work.

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