Watching the manipulative media or numbing video products on TV or on-line, one can get so seized by anxiety that they forget who they really are and where they came from.

For better or worse, we inherited this world from those who came before us. Their finest efforts endure in paintings, sculptor, architecture, music, and most importantly, through books.

Unlike a kindle, a book can sit in an attic or on a shelf for a lifetime and be rediscovered and have an impact on the reader. The best that humanity has to offer is almost exclusively available from books. If mankind stumbles and years from now our survivors rummage through ashes and crumbled stone, they will find the most worthy part of us in the written word.

Our ancestors were very flawed and brilliant people. Read the record of their successes and their failures, their mad rushes toward the exalted or their plunges into the catastrophes of war.

Our sacred symbols have been crosses and crescents and six sided stars. To those I would add another holy relic that is covered in leather or cardboard and stuffed with ink on parchment or pulp paper.

Revere the book. Read it, preserve it. Humanity would be lost without it.

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