Last week I lost one of my oldest friends to cancer. I have never met anyone more at peace with their legacy and their impending passing. Dave Saleh knew how to live life. And he exited it gracefully.

I’ve known Dave for nearly 64 years. I passed his house every day on the way to school. We played sports together, dueled in chess and ping pong in his basement where from ceiling to floor the distance was about 5’8″. We spent a good part of the best times of our lives together.

Dave served Jesus Christ. He worked hard and was devoted to his family. He was loyal and honest to a fault. In recent years we made a point of getting together at least twice a year. We’d have a beer, tell the same old stories, and talk about our faith and our families.

Here’s to you, old friend, to a life well lived and an ending with grace. But knowing that to be true doesn’t make me miss you any less.

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