Kashmir is among the most beautiful places on Earth

This may be the most beautiful book I ever read. It is sad, compelling, funny, and suspenseful.

Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Christians lived in peace in this paradise for many years. How did it all start to unravel?

The locale is one of the prime players in this book. But the other characters are fascinating and even the villain is sympathetic.

Tradition in Kashmir was that when there was a wedding or other big event, Muslims would provide the entertainment and Hindus would cater the affair. These different faiths lived together and worked together as a community. A Muslim performer and a Hindu girl fall in love and set off a catastrophic chain of events.

The sad question is, why? Why did a part of the world with boundless beauty and culture turn to war and hate and intolerance?

The author loves Kashmir, the good people there, and how they lived. The book is an ode to an idyllic time that is gone for good.

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