Why? Rich characterization of real people. Drama built through relationships.

We, the people of the 21st century, are lucky. There is so much wonderful literature behind us. You could read ten hours a day for your entire life time and still die with a gigantic pile of books you didn’t have time to get to.

Sure, I’d heard of John Cheever. But I considered him some snotty rich guy who got published in the New Yorker. Why waste my time with that when I could read Steve King and Tolkien and J.K. Rolling?

I did try him, and oh, he is marvelous. He goes on about pool parties in Conneticutt and reunions in a beach house and after a short time I was gasping for breath. I knew these people he is talking about.

Or he was talking about me.

He is primarily known as a short story writer. I recommend “The Swimmer,” and “The Enormous Radio.”

It is sometimes an asset to have traveled and had adventures like many authors: Louis L’Amour, L. Ron Hubbard, Fredrick Forseth, and John Steinbeck. Cheever grew up in the middle class. He served in WW2 in a non combat job. But he saw human nature and he wrote what he saw.

I challenge anybody to read his short stories and not love them.

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