Okay. I’ve done my part. Now you have to go out and buy it. Not just you. All of you, all your friends, and every body you know. Maybe all your future contacts, too. I think that’s fair, considering all the sweat I put into it.

Just kidding! Life doesn’t work like that. I don’t want you to buy my book out of obligation. (But I’ll beg, if that helps.) I want you to read it because you’re interested.

Torch Light is Sci-Fi, but it has Buffalo Fire Department in it’s DNA. I met many wonderful people during my career. The vast majority did their jobs, then went home, took care of their families, and fulfilled the obligations that regular people accumulate in life. A few times, I met people who didn’t fit.

Sam Carver, my flawed protagonist, is based on those few. Sam does drugs. He gambles, he borrows money from the mob, he gets in all kinds of trouble because of his degraded behavior. But when the bell rings, Sam is a hero.

That’s the thing about firefighters. Others run from danger. They run toward it. Without question.

Sam is as good at his job as he sucks at real life.

How is this Sci-Fi? At a fire, Sam rushes into a building to safe a child. Even though it’s a lost cause. He grieves. An alien from a flame planet who hid in the burning building, sees his bravery. She choses Sam to help her. Whether Sam wants to or not.

Can Sam save the beautiful alien and not get killed in the process? Will she restore equilibrium to Sam’s tortured life?

I hope this is enough of a teaser to get you to buy my book. Remember, Torch Light, available right now, this very minute from Amazon. Hey, if Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, thinks my book is good enough to be displayed on Amazon, then the least you can do is purchase several copies.

But I won’t grovel. Not me.


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