Is an artist still an artist without an audience?

My first book, Torch Light, is available on Amazon from the following link:

A writer sweats out his inspiration, squints his way through the edits, debases himself to publishers, and finally gets that first book printed. All people have to do is shell out the price of a foofy drink from Starbucks and he has a sale.

Many times we are told what is good, what we should buy. Big Business is expert in coming out with a product and then creating a need. The movies we should watch are chosen by the studios. Important people instruct us, you should read that and ignore this. We know they are always right because they told us about Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

Have you ever been to a theater to see a show with a handful of people in the audience? Have you ever been touched by magic in that show? Where the actors know you, and the playwright wrote just for you, and you tingle inside, and your jaw drops? Have you ever heard a guitar player strum in the dark corner of some bar in some late forgotten hour, and that performer tells a story that you thought was your own secret?

I know, you’ve been disappointed. Somebody recommended an obscure movie on Netflix, and you couldn’t get past the first ten minutes. A guy with a big smile on his face tells you he is sure his book is for you. After twenty minutes of boredom, you deposit the book in the back of your sock drawer.

I can only tell you that I love this book. I assure you that of the people who have read it and told me what they thought, I have not had one bad review. I promise you, I polished it with every available technique and, damn it, there are things in there that moved me to tears. I want to share that with you.

Torch Light is sci-fi. It is infused with experience from my 31 years as a professional firefighter. The story demonstrates my heart-felt believe: Some people fall down, they sometimes do what they shouldn’t, what they know in their heart is wrong. But they are still good people. They deserve another chance.

Torch Light:

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